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  When I was about 24 years old and fresh out of college, I discovered that my dad paid for a lot of things. Important things, like car insurance and health insurance and food. It was time for me to take my new degree and fly, but that wasn’t the easiest thing to do with no funds. I was applying for...
Wait. When did I turn 40? I swear to you, I was 23 just a few years ago. Ok, maybe more than just a few years ago, but not that long ago. Now I’m 40, and that’s a whole lot more than a number. What happens if you wake up one day and your driver’s license says you’re 40, but...
    Spring is for flowers and sunshine and rainstorms and….taxes! There are two kinds of taxpayers: the Eager To Get This Over With taxpayer and the Filing My Taxes at Midnight on Tax Day taxpayer. No matter which category you fall into, Painesville Credit Union has a few tried-and-true tips to get you through the tax filing stress. 1. Double check your...
  Building savings is always a challenge. You can start your account with just $5 at Painesville Credit Union. “We have started many people on their savings journey with only $5 per pay. Once they see it adding up, they increase it on their own!” said credit union CEO Lori Guzzi. Here are few little things you can do to make a...
It’s happened to almost everyone: You make a holiday shopping budget and vow to stick with it “no matter what.” But then you see the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for relative, or you buy another gift for your niece because you forgot that you already had her present, and all of the sudden your budget is blown and you...
  For many Americans, a home mortgage is a financial long-term relationship. But how do you know when it’s time to refinance your biggest investment? Homeowners have a lot of reasons to refinance. Maybe they’d like a lower interest rate, or to shorten the term of the mortgage. Homeowners may also want to switch from a variable interest rate to...
Some of our best days here at Painesville Credit Union are the days where we get to help a child open their first savings account. Many children come in full of pride at the $10 they earned by doing chores, the $20 they got from grandma for their birthday, or a crumpled $5 bill and a few pennies they...
  Somewhere out there, your name is likely on a dormant bank account. A dormant account has a low balance, no recent deposits, and it’s not doing you any favors, and it could cost you money. If you have dormant checking or savings accounts out there, it’s time to consolidate! Consolidating your money into active accounts that you know about, keep...
Nobody has to tell you that buying your first house is a big deal. Moving up to a home that is exclusively yours to decorate, renovate, and grow into is a dream for a lot of people. Keep that dream from turning into a nightmare with our essential list of home buying mistakes to avoid! Know what you can afford!...
  Let’s face it: saving money and pinching pennies is not glamorous. But choosing to live a thrifty, frugal lifestyle can pay off in more than dollars and cents – it helps you prioritize where you spend your money, how you spend your money, and that trickles down through your entire household. There are a million ways to save a...




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